Beach House Nursery is a small, caring day nursery offering full and part time care for children aged from 1-5 years.  We have created a nursery with a real ‘home from home’ appeal which provides a familiar environment where children can feel safe and happy.  All children need to feel secure and cared for, we aim to provide this in an environment which provides comfort, space and warmth. At Beach House Nursery we believe that high quality nursery education can transform the lives of young children and that partnership with parents provides the basis for successful learning.  

Our Nursery


We aim to provide a homely, safe and fun environment where parents can feel confident that their child will be happy and secure during their days with us. 

We know you will want to be sure your child is safe, secure and happy in our care, and that is our priority too.  We know that this is often the first experience away from home for many children and a significant transition for their parents and families.

Our Children


Children learn individually and with others through play. We offer our children a play-based curriculum, which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Each new day at Beach House will offer your child opportunities for developing and learning. We aim to support children’s natural curiosity by providing a wide range of experiences, supported by positive interaction with our well trained and professional staff.

Our Staff


Small ratios between staff and children with the support of a key person, create the opportunity for the children to build close relationships, within which we can support their development and growth. The team of staff at Beach House Nursery have been chosen for their qualifications, experience and enthusiasm. 

At Beach House Nursery we recognise that every child is an individual.  Therefore, we are always happy to discuss a child’s progress, and will work in partnership with parents at all times.  

Growing Confidence


Our nursery space is carefully planned to provide children with a range of play and learning choices. Our team ensures children are challenged throughout the day.

We believe that children can drive their own learning supported by our experienced adults and we document their thoughts and experiences. We aim to support our children to problem solve and ‘learn how to learn’.

Care and Respect


Life is all about care and respect for others. At nursery children can make new friends with whom they can learn and share, take turns and role model each other.

We feel very strongly that children should respect one another and understand differences and similarities in each other. We encourage children to express their feelings positively, begin to understand the opinions of others through discussion with their peers and by the examples set by our skilled practitioners.

Inquisitive Minds


The world is full of questions and interests. Our nursery is designed to be the same; lots of activities to stimulate inquisitive little minds and our caring practitioners are on hand to help find the answers.

We have worked very hard to create environments that provide children with the opportunities to safely explore and investigate. From mud kitchens to growing their own vegetables for lunch, inquisitive minds will learn how things work, grow and evolve.