A Day at Beach House

Beach House is a small ‘home from home’ setting, where children and staff develop positive relationships built on trust and understanding. Our small nursery aims to ensure that all children and their families always feel welcomed into a supportive and caring environment, where they feel valued, and listened to. 

At Beach House, we believe that children learn best when given enriching and exciting opportunities, within an environment in which they feel safe, secure and valued. This is why we strive to provide a range of exciting opportunities and experiences, within a familiar daily routine.



Some of the things we do at Beach House….

Free Play gives your child space to explore their surroundings, try things out, take risks, and become independent while being able to check in with a familiar adult for reassurance should they need it. This all helps build their resilience, curiosity and social skills.

Outside Play - Children need to run around and play, it is a natural impulse all children have. It’s a chance to develop their imaginations as well as their gross motor skills. We provide a play area that is both stimulating and challenging to help children develop both physically and in confidence. We access the outdoor in all weathers, exploring the wonder of nature through all seasonal changes.

Outdoor play is great for encouraging children’s creativity. In the outdoor environment, children’s imaginations are often stimulated by the objects around them and they quickly tap into their creativity.

Giving children the freedom of playing outdoor also helps them to feel happier and calmer. Being outside means that children naturally get vitamin D, which is proven to help improve moods and create a positive mental attitude. The freedom of outdoor play encourages children to use their energy in a positive and purposeful way developing their interactions with not only their peers, but also their natural surroundings.

Out and About, we are very lucky to be situated on the wonderful coastline of Sussex, with over 11 miles of varied shoreline. We are part of a small community, and are very proud of our local environment.

Each part of our area offers its own set of learning opportunities and potential for discovery. We are always keen to access both our natural and built local environment, from going on coastal walks, popping to the local shops, visiting the local park or even on an adventure to the Old Fort!  

Here at Beach House, we are excited to be developing our experiences in outdoor learning, by offering beach learning opportunities to our children. We believe that our coastline is a superb, natural learning resource to which every child should have access. We are modelling our approach to Beach Learning on the “Forest School” model, with the emphasis on learning outside of the classroom. This form of outdoor learning provides children with the freedom to observe their ever-changing environment, to take risks and learn to make their own judgements through adults’ open-ended questions and support. 

Snack Times and Meal Times encourages hand washing independence as well as promotes healthy eating choices. It also gives the children chance to socialise with their peers. Children may like to set the table and pour their own drink, just another way of incorporating independence and physical development.



Music and Rhyme Time is a time to build the child’s listening skills in a fun and exciting way. It also develops their social skills by taking turns with the song sack as well as memory skills as they remember the songs associated with particular objects.It helps develop fine motor skills and speech as they begin to join in with the actions and sing. They will also begin to express a preference of their favourite songs, enabling them to make their own choices. Action songs encourage gross motor movements in an entertaining way. Such as head, shoulders, knees and toes and the Hokey Cokey, which the children love.    

Creative Times and Arts and Crafts are offered and encouraged to enable children to express themselves, as well as developing mark making skills in preparation for writing. We try to make these activities child led which means they focus on process rather than product. This enables us to encourage the child to talk about their creation and develop a more in depth knowledge of their interests. We may encourage children to create for celebrated events such as Christmas, Diwali Easter and Mother’s Day as this links to people and communities and forms part of the EYFS “Understand the World.” It also links to Personal, Social and Emotional Development as the child chooses to make a card because they want to make the person happy.     


“Play is the highest form of research.”

Albert Einstein


Role Play is encouraged to develop a child’s dressing skills as well as their imagination. This is part of every free play session for the children to freely access. This gives the adult a real insight into a child’s understanding of the world. It also encourages collaborative play with peers and masses of communication and language as they develop their role play story. 

Group Times are an opportunity for your child to enjoy some concentration and interaction time whilst engaging with some of their favourite themes and interests. Maintaining attention and concentration is an important and valuable skill, which will enable your child to process and develop their understanding, consider possible questions, or share their thoughts, knowledge and understanding.

The ability to listen and engage will pay dividends when your child starts school. Encouraging the children to become involved, asking questions, responding to ideas or recalling events will help to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding, whilst supporting their communication and language.

Group times and story times also allow an opportunity for us to reinforce expectations and boundaries, e.g. sit, look, listen, engage, and put your hand up to share your ideas.