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Our Food at Beach House

At Beach House Nursery, one of our main priorities is to make life easier for our families.  We offer fully ‘inclusive’ day care, providing all of the daily requirements for your child, including meals, healthy snacks, drinks and milk.

Good nutrition is critical when your child is little. In their early years children discover hundreds of new tastes and textures. Every day we serve quality, balanced meals and snacks, encouraging them to try new things and build a positive relationship with food. 

Children attending Beach House Nursery will experience a variety of healthy balanced and nutritious foods. Our menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared on site, our 3 week rolling menu meets the ‘Healthy Choice’ guidelines. We work closely with parents and families if there is a specific dietary requirement.

In addition to a hot lunch and dessert, we also provide breakfast and healthy snacks throughout the day. Tea time is around 4pm where the children experience another healthy two course meal. At Beach House we make every effort to make meal times fun as well as an opportunity to learn. We believe in educating children about food to encourage them to make healthy choices. Drinking water is available to children at all times throughout the day.

At Beach House, food is cause for celebration. Dining is a wonderful way to come together, to sit together, share a good meal and take part in conversation. We enjoy a family dining approach with the children helping to set the table, serve the meals and clear up afterwards.