Our Staff Team at Beach House

We have a high ratio of staff to children across the nursery and take providing high quality care, teaching and learning very seriously. We invest heavily in professional development of our staff at Beach House because we know that they are the key to children thriving and developing a life-long love of learning.



A Shared Approach

At Beach House, we always strive to provide only the highest quality care and education for our children. As a small setting, we aim to become a ‘home from home’ nursery, and we pride ourselves on our safe and nurturing environment, and our close relationships with our families.

At Beach House, our small staff team adopt a shared approach to supporting our children and families. All staff members invest time in getting to know, and supporting all of the children in our care.

Our shared approach aims to ensure that all children and their families always feel welcomed into a supportive and caring environment, where they feel valued, and listened to. 

The Role of the Key Person

We know infants depend on the security of knowing a familiar adult is close by and we ensure their special key person builds a bond of trust and responds to their needs. Through our sensitive care giving practices such as those for feeding and changing, we appreciate that children are learning to trust us and feel settled in our care.

Whilst your child attends Beach House, you and your child will be given a ‘key person’, who will be your initial point of contact as your child settles into nursery. Your child’s key person will oversee your child’s individual assessments and next steps for learning, and will also take the lead with settling your child into our nursery, in their early sessions. 

At Beach House, our staff team is small and highly skilled.  Whilst your child’s key person will take the lead with your child’s care, all members of staff are responsible for the wellbeing, development and education of your child.